Wine and Swaps

Earlier this afternoon I was joined by three of my friends as we made swaps for the upcoming Stampin’Up! Convention next week. I hosted this event with food and wine. We had a blast and the cards aren’t even crooked, I think!

Before they showed up I prepared my pillow gift for my roomies and our extended roomies. I put together a folder with notebook for note taking, luggage tags for our suitcases and convention bag and a very important In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact list. 20130714_141508

Patti, Debra and Iina working on their swaps.
Iina found it amusing that we wanted her to make extras for us.
My son Jared was our gofer, Patti had him making copies for part of her swap.
Yes this is me with my “Can’t you see I’m cutting” look.
Concentration was the key here, maybe that’s why Debra’s wine turned into ice tea?
The wine was so good that I got Iina to punch out a few pieces for my swap!

So my convention friends, if you happen to swap with me this was part of the process!

Keep posted for more adventures as we head to convention… Utah or Bust!

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