Stampcation 2014 Samples 02

More samples from Stampcation 2014! Click on the images below to enlarge, Enjoy!!

IMG_5384  IMG_5383 IMG_5380  IMG_5379 IMG_5377 IMG_5376  IMG_5374   IMG_5401  IMG_5375 IMG_5400   IMG_5399 IMG_5398  IMG_5395IMG_5397   IMG_5396  IMG_5394 IMG_5392   IMG_5391   IMG_5390IMG_5393    IMG_5389 IMG_5388   IMG_5386

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  1. Wanda, its great to hear from you. I’m looking to start back in december. Please keep me posted on events. Thank you for so much for reaching out, have a blessed day. Lori

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