Dinos, Lemurs & Kangaroos…Oh My!

This past Sunday we celebrated my great-nephew Julian Trex’s 4th birthday. Yes, his middle name is Trex for T Rex…young parents these days, what can I say. That being said, take a look at the birthday card I made for him. I got the idea from Davette Miller.


My niece mentioned he loved the Ring Tail Lemur so I got him a stuffed Ring Tail Lemur and a cute book “How to Lose a Lemur”.  Happy to say he loved them!


This birthday boy had a big surprise coming to him at his birthday party, his parents arranged to have an array of animals at his party from http://www.ExtremeAnimals.org. It was very entertaining and fun to watch, and of course there was a live Ring Tail Lemur there!


Here are a few more animals that came to visit. My favorite was the Kangaroo!

12122568_10153378436828303_7906160357399692017_n 12119191_10153378437298303_8091982724221986660_n 12112382_10153378436473303_3147047520570881418_n 12118629_10153378437523303_1951942217869663100_n
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One response to “Dinos, Lemurs & Kangaroos…Oh My!

  1. Great card and fun pictures!

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