Mother’s Day – Not Bad!

The lovely lady above is my mom, Maria Izquierdo. I think she was in her twenties when this photo was taken. My mother had bluish-green eyes and they changed depending on her clothing and very curly hair which I inherited. She was a blond-haired blue-eyed child but always desired darker hair. It’s been 24 years since we lost her but she’s always on my mind. She passed before my son was born but if you ask him about his Abuela (grandmother in Spanish) he can tell you stories! My sisters and I have done an excellent job of keeping her memory alive.

So I finally went out after being home for such a long time! My husband took me to my sister & brother-in-law’s restaurant, Fig’s Prime for a Mother’s Day Brunch. After having a delicious meal we went home to meet my daughter, she wanted to give me her mother’s day gift.

Now I need to get rid of all the grey hair!

So here’s her gift made by her fianceé, I love it! Thank you, Nicole!

Nicole & me

Another mother’s day gift was from my son, during this time his hair and beard have grown to an uncontrollable sasquatch look. I asked him to gift me the opportunity to trim his beard and hair. I am NOT a hairstylist at all, I asked him to put his faith in me and he reluctantly did!


Not bad for a novice! For the rest of Mother’s Day, I just relaxed and watched Netflix for a bit.

So how was your Mother’s Day? Let me know, comment below. This year has given us many challenges but we persevere with determination!

Take care and have a creative day!!


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