To Wheel or Not to Wheel…

Wheels are a great tool for creating large backgrounds and Stampin’Up! sells a variety of them that you can purchase on my online store 24/7.  Below is a video from Carrie Cudney explaining how to use them.

I personally never got the knack of using wheels but I learned a new way of using them by cutting the rubber off the wheel and using them with clear blocks. After cutting the rubber off the wheel you can adhere it to the Clear-Mount Cling Foam. Linda Heller from Stamping School has a great video demonstrating this process.   You can also mount them by using a temporary repositional adhesive spray that you can purchase at a craft store.  I had some of this spray handy and that’s what I used for the picture below but I will definitely adhere them to the Clear-Mount Cling Foam for better stability.Clear BLock

You can purchase Stampin’Up! wheels along with the Clear-Mount Cling Foam from my online store 24/7.

Here are a few samples of available wheels. Give them a try. Whether you decide to use them in the traditional form or on a clear block you will love the images Stampin’Up! has to offer!Alhambra Betsy's Blooms Daydream Shop Around Very Vintage


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