Baby Shower Extravaganza

Last weekend I had a wonderful time at my cousin’s daughter’s baby shower. My cousin Leslie outdid herself again with the decorations for her first grand-daughter! Below are pictures of the beautiful cake and souvenirs in addition to my handmade gifts for the parents to be.


The cake table was exquisite!


This dress form was decorated with moss and pink nail polish.


Candy bars with lots of tulle and a rhinestone crown!


Wow, what a cake!

These are the handmade gifts I gave her.

Folder 1

I decorated pink folders with My Digital Studio. Each folder has labels with important information for Baby Sophia Leslie as she grows up.


Folder 2

Each folder was decorated with a different Designer Paper from My Digital Studio


I didn’t leave the father-to-be out! He received a “Daddy Doody Kit”!


In case of emergencies!

2014-02-23 11.38.36

My other cousin Sonya who happens to be one of my downline made this beautiful framed present using the Dress Up Frame Lit.

Apparently we are a talented group!

One response to “Baby Shower Extravaganza

  1. What great ideas for the baby shower! I’m sure it was a wonderful event.

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