Fork In The Road? Pick It Up and Make A Bow!

Fork 1

How many times do you need to make a bow and it’s just not working? It can be difficult for many of us to tie pretty bows. The solution? The “Fork Bow”! Here’s a no fail recipe for you to follow to create the perfect bow.

Fork 2

  1. To create a Fork Bow, begin with a standard dinner fork with four tines and a 8″-10” piece of ribbon. (Use a slightly longer ribbon for bows created using a server fork). Hold the fork facing you. Place ribbon across front of fork with 1/3” of the length to the left of the fork. This end of the ribbon doesn’t move. Wrap the right end of the ribbon around behind the fork.
  2. Wrap ribbon over the top of the first end and thread it down through the space between the center fork tines and below where the first ribbon crosses the fork.
  3. Pull ribbon end up through the space between center fork tines from behind.
  4. Tie the ribbon ends in a tight knot against the fork. (This photo shows the back of the fork bow).
  5. Slide the bow off of the fork. Pull on the bow loops to tighten the bow. You now have a perfect bow! Use Glue Dots to attach the bow to your project.


Photos courtesy of “Class in a Flash”

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