Side Step Technique Class

I haven’t done a Side Step Card in a very long time and thought it was time to teach this technique again. I had 9 wonderful ladies show up for my class this morning. They all made 3 cards each, Halloween, Fall & Christmas, I just wanted to show how versatile this card type can be. Basically you need to let your imagination run wild with this one and you can make some pretty awesome cards! Here are the cards they made.


Now up close and personal!




Get inventive and create your own side step card. If you want the details on how to make this just leave me a comment below. Don’t forget to send me your creations!


  1. Was so excited about making these 3 cards. *Loved* everyone of them. Now I have to try the task on my own. YIKES!

  2. Thank you Wanda! Please send me the instructions. So happy to have found you and this wonderful group of ladies!

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