Retirement Time for Hubby!

My husband Darren Smith served 20 years in the United State Navy and then 19 years at NAWCTSD (Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division) for a total of 39 years serving our country. He definitely was looking forward to retirement!

A few of his department team members gathered to wish him well (there were a few more behind the booths). His official retirement last day is March 30th but his team wanted to gather for an intimate luncheon to present him with a few gifts.

On March 1st, the flag encased below was flown for a full day in his honour.

He also received a letter of appreciation and gratitude from the Commanding Officer Captain Timothy M. Hill (not in the photo) for his service and dedication to the high-security infrastructure of NAWCTSD during his many years of service.

Captain Timothy M. Hill also thanked me with the following: “Having earned grateful appreciation for her unselfish, faithful and devoted service during her husband’s career. Her unfailing support and understanding helped to make possible his lasting contribution to the nation”. Who says a wife’s role is not important?

My husband spent almost 4 decades serving his country and I couldn’t be prouder! Now it’s time for the next chapter in his life. Who knows, he could show up in my stamping videos, talks are in progress!

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