Father’s Day 2019

It’s Father’s Day and I started the day off by calling my Dad in Puerto Rico to wish him a Happy Father’s Day and hear his voice. I am blessed to have a wonderful father who is in good health for an almost 85-year-old man. I am amazed that he still runs his own business, he has a nursery he tends to and maintains beautiful plants and flowers for sale. “I have to keep busy to keep going” is what he says and it certainly works for him. I wish to have the stamina he has when I reach his age!

I can’t forget another of my favorite fathers, the father of my children, my husband Darren!

Here’s wishing these wonderful men and all father’s a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

And what is a holiday without a card! Here are two versions of a Father’s Day or Birthday card I designed. One was for a recent Technique Class I held and the other one was for my husband.

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