Are We All Caught in a BIG April Fool’s Joke?

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was an April Fools joke and we could all leave our homes and hug our family and friends? Unfortunately, this is not the case and we still need to be responsible and maintain our distance until the scientists find a cure, the doctors, nurses, and hospitals get a hold on treating those affected by Covid-19 and the Government reopens the world!

This day has a very special meaning to me, it’s my husband and my wedding anniversary! Yes, I know it’s odd to get married on April Fools Day but it wasn’t intentionally planned, it was a timing issue. My husband was still in the Navy and had to report back the second week of April so it just worked out that the first Saturday in April was April 1st. Now here we are 25 years later. We had plans to stay at a Bed & Breakfast in North Carolina but that’s out of the question now. So we wait and count our blessings! It’s been a great 25 years and I have always claimed to have the best husband ever. I even have a garden flag in the front of my house claiming that!

So yes, I love my husband and my husband loves me. We are going to make the best of this because we are fools in love!

I hope your April Fools Day is full of fun!

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