Inspired by Potter?

My dear cousin’s daughter Katie recently graduated from the University of Central Florida and UCF allows the students to decorate their graduation caps which makes it easy for their family and friends to spot them. Katie being a literary and Harry Potter fan created this unique cap.1003050_10151571072146134_458461929_n

I attending a brunch in Katie’s honor and made a card replicating her graduation cap, or at least I tried to replicate it!20130811_133918

I’m happy to say that Katie was delighted! It only took me four tries before I got it right. I was so concentrated and replicating the letters and not really paying attention to what I was writing that I actually spelled “word” incorrectly! I started out with the letter w & o then followed it with a “d”!

Yikes, I just noticed that I forgot to add the quotation marks at the end!

4 responses to “Inspired by Potter?

  1. That is awesome! Came out GREAT!

  2. Love it! What a great idea!

  3. That is so cool! Great job!

  4. Thank you! It was tricky trying to get the letters to look the same, but I think it worked!

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