A Slice of Cake$$$$

I was asked to make a Money Cake for two very special occasions, one was a graduation present and the other a retirement party. There were many versions on Pinterest and here are mine.

Graduation Money Cake Present

2014-05-04 18.56.46 20140504_184735 20140504_184745

Here are the invitations I made for the same graduate:

Grad Cards

Retirement Money Cake:

20140801_000949 20140801_001024 20140801_092247

In addition to the Money Cake we made banners and an awesomely unique card signed by all employees.

Banners by Nancy Walko

20140801_120124 20140801_115716

Card by Vilasinee Rintharamy

20140801_100636 20140801_100711

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