My Stress Reliever!

So much tragedy here in Orlando, 20 minutes probably saved my daughter’s life because she left the site before a mass shooting began. I thank God for this! I have cried because I’m grateful and because I grieve for all who were not as fortunate as my daughter and for their family and friends who are facing a horrific reality.

My early morning plans were to post my cards from yesterday’s Technique Class and work on some other projects but it was all put on hold. It’s after 3:30pm and now I realize that I need to do what relaxes me and helps me deal with stress. I will not let an awful human being stop me from what I love to do, keep me in state of grief and be fearful at all times. With that said; here are the cards we made in yesterday’s class.

20160611_125920_wm 20160611_125956_wm 20160611_130112_wm

I hope others find ways to calm them and find peace, this is mine!

4 responses to “My Stress Reliever!

  1. Sandra Pascual

    Great cards to relieve stress. I can only imagine, the thought of your daughter at that place earlier…it would have driven me crazy. Our hearts and prayers to the Orlando community.

  2. Beautiful cards and comment, thinking of you today. Do you have any directions or an extra kit I could purchase?!? What colors did you use? Thanks for the new catalog!!!

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