Bone to Bone Folders!

Did you notice something different? Look up and check out my new banner with my new logo! I’ve been thinking about a new logo for a while and just kept coming up blank. I’m usually good at this but I had a creative block when it came to my logo. I remembered hearing about a website call Fiverr, there you can request services for $5. I had someone create a logo for me and it’s exactly what I envisioned but could not unleash! Let me know what you think about my logo and new banner.

Now with a new logo in hand I had to get a Personalized Bone Folder. I found Tamra Davis in Etsy who creates personalized bone folders. I used Tamra to create bone folders for my Stampin’ Amigas and we all loved them!

Now it was time to create some bone folders with my logo and once again, she did an excellent job!20160616_194723[1]

I’ll let you in on a fun fact, in the years I’ve been with Stampin’Up! there has never been a shortage or backorder of bone folders. Now…I’m pretty sure it’s due to Tamra, but bone folders are backordered until the 4th of July!

I ordered personalized bone folders for my downline and I can’t wait to give it to them. Would you like a Stamping All Night Long personalized bone folder? Sign up as a demonstrator and that’s just one of the perks of being in my downline. This is a great time to sign up as a demonstrator, Stampin’Up! is giving all new demonstrators who sign up during the month of June 2 FREE Stamp Sets, any stamp set, any price! In addition to receiving $125 worth of products for your $99 custom starter kit you will also get 2 Free stamp sets that can easily add up to $100 depending on your choice.

Click HERE and take a look at 7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Being a Demonstrator.



  1. Wanda, It was a pleasure to work with you and put your super cute logo(s) on the bonefolders. And yes, I take great pride in being the one that put those bad boys on the backordered list! When the VP of sales of SU calls you to see what your future plans are for sales or promotions of your engraved bonefolders so they have enough in stock for you, well, yeah… pretty sure it was me. hehe

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