Paper Pumpkin – October Kit

Paper Pumpkin had a different kind of kit for October, take a look. Like I said, different!

Zombies, A Dead Man’s Party & Weekly Special

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog I would continue with the Halloween Digital Downloads from My Digital Studio (MDS). Today’s

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Giving a Gift Or a Treat? Box It With a Bundle!

When giving gifts, it’s all about the presentation. Here’s an idea for many gifts even edible gifts! The Tag a

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Fall Decorations…Some Suggestions!

Pumpkins are fantastic for fall décor! Pumpkins can be used through both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I have 3 favorite ways

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The Great Escape!

My cousin Sandy will soon be celebrating her 6oth birthday and she organized a cruise to celebrate with family and

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6×9, 5×5, 3×3… What’s Your Size?

Ever want to make a card with a unique size but didn’t have a matching envelope, so you wind up

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Flutter, flutter, flutter… Without Change There Would Be No Butterflies.

Butterflies undergo a series of physical transformations known as metamorphosis.  It’s incredible that the caterpillar sheds its skin several times

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Back To School Continues!

A couple of days ago I posted my son’s first day in high school and I’m continuing with my niece’s children.

High School…When Did That Happen?

Ok, I usually don’t post two times in one day but today my son started High School and I don’t

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What Do Ex Libris, Butterfiles and Dresses Have In Common?

Ex Libris: meaning literally from the books. Butterfly: a mainly day flying insect. Dress: a garment consisting of a skirt

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