Shoebox Swap and Rubber Heads!

What happens when you get together with a few friends for a shoebox swap and wine is involved? A lot!!!!

Yesterday four friends and I got together for a shoebox swap (you put all the materials you need to create a card in a box and then pass it around). The theme was Holiday Cards and I think the collection was pretty awesome!


This card was designed by Cynda Alderman


This card was designed by Debra LaFountine


This card was Patti Sharkey’s card that was cased from Vil Maldonado


This was my card which I previously shared in another post

Then I guess the wine and delirium of fun set in and we became Rubber Heads!


Patty Sharkey

Me, Wanda Smith

Me, Wanda Smith

Cyndra Alderman

Cyndra Alderman

Iina Lee

Iina Lee

Debra LaFountine

Debra LaFountine

The moral of this blog… get together, make cards, drink wine, have fun but beware of the rubber heads!


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