My Library for My Digital Studio… how AWESOME!!!

With so many downloads available it’s hard to keep track of all the digital downloads you own. Stampin’Up! has just

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Zombies, A Dead Man’s Party & Weekly Special

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog I would continue with the Halloween Digital Downloads from My Digital Studio (MDS). Today’s

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Fright Night MDS Style!

We’re in October that means that it’s time to gather the ghouls and have a Fright Night Gala! You prepare

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The Great Escape!

My cousin Sandy will soon be celebrating her 6oth birthday and she organized a cruise to celebrate with family and

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Back To School Continues!

A couple of days ago I posted my son’s first day in high school and I’m continuing with my niece’s children.

High School…When Did That Happen?

Ok, I usually don’t post two times in one day but today my son started High School and I don’t

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What Do Ex Libris, Butterfiles and Dresses Have In Common?

Ex Libris: meaning literally from the books. Butterfly: a mainly day flying insect. Dress: a garment consisting of a skirt

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Looking Ahead to the Holidays?

Start making your list and checking it twice with the Season of Style downloads. They pair perfectly with our traditional

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An Uplifting Experience…Literally!

Great fun photo at convention, L to R: Me, Iina Lee, Patty Sharkey (behind the balloon), Cyndra Alderman and Deba

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